More Changes

Hahah okay I swear this is THEEEEEE last time I make this announcement. I can be so indecisive sometimes though. Okay so I’m finally going in the direction I wanted to a few months ago and decided to start all over.

While mid-day spritzer is a lifestyle fashion blog, it’s really a place where I just write about whatever I feel like, post those random pics from my iphone and lust over things that I probably shouldn’t buy. I created LIFESTYLE FINESSE as a more professional outlet where I could connect with business and people as well for building my clientele. Business and pleasure so to speak. Once again I would reallllly appreciate if you guys could continue all the great love and support over at lifestyle finesse because some of the outfits I post on here may or may not be over there and vice versa, and I promise you this is the last time I will be changing blogs. It has been a crazy past few months and I tend to dabble in too much at times!

If you could also like me on Facebook? I would love you forever! I just created my PAGE today, also I’m always so happy to read some of your tweets and see what you are up to on instagram so let’s continue the party over there too shall we! Why stop there right. I have a new youtube channel as welllllllll. Okay that is all!


Spring for Florals

While it’s far from Spring over here I’m still starting to bring out the warmer clothes. I had originally paired this too with some mustard pants but it was almost too bright. Even after I typed that I checked myself, yes too bright! Ahh winter what have you done to me!!


Top: Buckle
Jeans: Elle
Jewels: Charming Charlie


Aztec Gold

Fashion can literally transform you. That’s what I love about it. With just a few patterns, fabrics and accessories you can transform into anything. Stylish diva, preppy bookworm, vintage chic it’s amazing. I know we all know this already but after styling today’s ootd I took a step back and was like wow fashion is great.

I once got in a discussion with a friend of mine, he didn’t think fashion promoted originality because its all the same but I thought otherwise. We make these designs our own we make trends our own its a beautiful thing. 🙂

Anyway despite the freezing cold I wanted to channel a little warmth so I started with some patterned leggings reached for a black top with ruffles and a similar color in the leggings for my cardigan to somewhat tie this together. I am wearing black boots and although this might be too matchy matchy I like that I didn’t immediately reach for a black cardigan. The gold accent jewelry really helps to play up the fabric of these leggings by giving it an Aztec sun goddess feel. Summer please come soon.



Top: Khols
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leggings: Burlington
Jewels: Discovery & Charlotte Russe


Work Grunge

I love being comfy at work while still being able to look presentable. As soon as I get my hands on those slouchy skinny sweatpants pants I’m grabbing some and pairing them up with my favorite heels. I wish my tank was a graphic tank which would carry out the look I was aiming for a bit more but you get the idea!




Sweater- Discovery
Tank- H&M
Jewels- Burlington
Belt- New York & Company


Red Blazer

I had an amazing weekend! It was very productive. I’ve also been super busy with work, working out and a few side projects it’s all very exciting!

Today I wore my favorite blazer from Vivienne Tams line it’s so incredibly comfortable and goes well with anything, blue, black, gold it’s perfect. For the office I paired this with a pencil skirt and striped peplum top. The pattern adds a little variety which I think really brings this outfit to life. How are you guys adding variety to your wardrobe?





Blazer: Vivienne Tam
Top: Body Central
Skirt: Target


Peach & Grey

It’s snowing so hard here! I made the mistake of wearing heels today and I was running a little late for work, I almost fell (basically did) and caught myself in such a weird way, I hurt my back a little but I’m hoping it will get better throughout the day. A friend if my broke his leg when he fell on the ice! Be careful to those dealing with this weather! What else happened this morn well I spilt my blueberry banana shake (aka lunch) all over my new purse a friend just bought for me. But it’s still going to be a good day! There is just too much to be happy about. Yay for being positive.

Today’s outfit was literally thrown together in a matter of seconds. I had polka dots and florals lined up but I didn’t feel like wearing that today erm so I didn’t.



Cardigan: Gifted
Dress: H&M
Jewels: Charlotte Russe


Office Chic

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was filled with some great realizations about life. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I feel happy! 🙂 Not that I wasn’t before, this is a different kind. I have a really good feeling about this year and I have some surprises for you guys soon!

Today’s look features my favorite pants that I wear just about once every two weeks haha. Outfit repeater? That’s me! I love patterns, I added some turquoise for some arm candy to give this look a little pop of color but the pattern along with the bow top is what makes me feel so office chic. Girly but I still mean business.

Look out for a new video post tonight as well as a special post tomorrow! Also I colored my hair last night! Being brave and trying a whole new color! 🙂




Top: Thrifted
Pants: Jennifer Lopez for Khols
Shoes: Rampage
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe