Kendra’s Night Out Challenge

The other day I was invited to participate in a fun challenge for Kendra Thornton PR maeven and travel extroidanaire. Kendra is traveling to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando using Gogobot for her travel plans. She mentioned that for the many attractions she would be attending with her family that she wanted to be comfortable, yet glamorous. Using my wardrobe styling knowledge I would put Kendra into the Light Spring category, a lighter color palette of pale pinks, nudes, teals, creams and corals with a splash of color. After doing a basic Google search I did see that she has been photographed in the opposite, blacks, royal blues, and deep purples. The great thing about fashion is we can usually wear what we please, however when looking to be the best version of ourselves starting with the right colors will naturally give us that little pop! While Kendra looks great in all of the colors listed above I went with a lighter color palette with the occasional dark color tossed in here and there.

Kendra mentioned three specific activities that she will be attending. The Wildlife Express Train, Kilimanjaro Safari and a meet and greet with Goofy! How exciting! I also included a few more styles that she can add to her lookbook for other outings that she didn’t mention but I just assumed dinner and a night even would be included.

“We’re headed to Orlando to experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. There are a ton of rides, but I think my kids are most looking forward to the Wildlife Express Train. You can ride on a locomotive that goes through areas of Harambe, which is set in a scenario unique to Africa while also heading out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. My kids love The Lion King, so I’m certain they’re going to love this ride.”

“I am actually looking forward to going on the Kilimanjaro Safari. This attraction actually seats you on an open-air safari vehicle that heads into the African outback. There are 34 different species of African wildlife at the park, which actually roam free in parts of the park. Last but not least, we’re definitely going to check out the Goofy & Pluto in DinoLand meet and greet. Kids get to dig around with their favorite Disney characters in hopes of finding treasures. I know my kids will love this because they love to cause a mess sometimes.”

Wildlife Express Train

Wild Life Express

Kilimanjaro Safari: Open-air safari vehicle that heads into the African outback.

Safari Ride

Goofy & Pluto in Dino Land meet & greet: Messy & fun!

Meet & Greet

Day to Night

Casual Glamour

*Kendra’s personalized piece

Dressy Dinner

Dressy Dinner

Casual Dinner

Casual Dinner Wear

Casual Dinner 2


My fashion inspiration for Kendra’s Dressy Dinner wear was from none other than the lovely Carly Cristman. I decided that Kendra would benefit most from a casual glamour dress code for this trip. When traveling with little ones it’s hard to get dolled up everyday so I decided that a good foundation of Kendra’s to pack list should be basics and from there glam it up with accessories.

You can follow Kendra on twitter @KendraThornton.

Also to stay up to date on what I’m doing and styling follow me on twitter and instagram! @jodikayedwards #jodikayedwards

See the full fashion board here! Kendra’s Night Out Challenge: Polyvore and don’t forget to check out Gogobot for your next travel plans, I might actually used them for my June trip to LA!

April 1st

It’s April 1st and while there is still snow on the ground in good ol Wisconsin I can’t help but be hopeful for warmer days to come! I hope you guys have been enjoying this transition, I’m hoping it’s a home stretch for getting a few more wears out of those sweaters and boots! Move over winter, Spring has sprung!



Decided to have a little the riding world meets corporate. Decided to wear my black riding boots with a blazer and a long necklace yesterday.

Blazer: Younkers
Necklace: Wholesale somewhere
Pants: Vera Wang for Khols


I know I could have styled this a little better but trust me when I say I will be wearing this sweater again. When I was doing some fashion forecasting a few weeks back, I found that metallics are all the rage this Spring and quickly searched around for an affordable sweater that I liked. I do like trends because they open you up to more possibilities of something you might not have worn before but remember that trends are just that and don’t give in unless you really like it!

Sweater: Macy’s
Jeans: Rock & Republic
Shoes: Tory Burch
Necklace: Wholesale somewhere


Stripes & Cheetah

When it comes to patterns I’m already there. Although I’m a huge fan of basics I like to toss a good pattern in there every once in a while, and by now I’m sure you can tell that when I get on a fashion kick I tend to stay there. Once I wore cheetah for a whole week, I occasionally get addicted to leggings and when I stop working out 3 days translates into three weeks. Ugh time to get back on the bandwagon! Things at the studio are finally settling down but not so much where I can get a full 8 hours sleep at night. At least my closet comforts me. 🙂


I love a good grunge look, if I’m not meeting clients I’m usually rocking a lazy casual look. An oversized plaid shirt has become my go to this winter.

Shirt- Goodwill
Leggings- Victorias Secret
Boots: Pac Sun


Necklace- Discovery
Shirt- Body Central
Boots- Burlingtong
Jeans- Rock & Republic


Belt- New York & Company
Cardigan- Discovery
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Boots- Pac Sun
Jewels- Burlington

xostylishspritzer Review

So I finally gave in and checked out I saw a few of you other fashion bloggers out there doing reviews for them and I just wasn’t sure, but you never know until you try! I did receive these amazing boots from them as a promotional item but prior to receiving them I did purchase a few items for my boutique from their website because they have amazing prices that even beat wholesale prices! The boots are great quality, and they have a nice fur lining on the inside.




I was so excited when I got my boots in the mail I decided to style a virtual outfit of how I plan on wearing them. A little different from a regular iPhone pic. It’s also so cold right now and my tripod doesn’t even want me to set it up outside.

Play With Patterns

Check out the links below to create a similar look with items from  



Leopard Clutch:

Geometric Earrings:

Lace Shirt:

I know my major concerns right from the get go was, is it safe? It’s very safe I haven’t had any problems with my card or Pay Pal account and I have ordered items from them several times now. Shipping did take a little longer than expected and of course the way they make their money is through shipping, so plan an extra 10-15 for shipping alone. However when looking around for prices like these it’s hard to beat! While my shoes are all sold out, they were popular! I did give you a few links on the boots pictures that will bring you to a similar item. The link to Sammy dress is on the right side of my blog, feel free to check them out! Let me know if you found anything or your thoughts on the site!


What I have been wearing lately


A great statement necklace really makes a difference. I like how the touch of purple jewels in this necklace stand out against the grey top.

Blazer- Target
Pants- The limited
Shirt (basic)- Wet Seal
Shoes- Goodwill
Pants- The Limited


Coral and gold are one of my favorite combinations together! It’s always so chic no matter if you dress it up or down!

Blazer- Goodwill
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Shoes- Tory Burch
Shirt- Elle (Khols)
Bracelets- Goodwill & Charlotte Russe



Felt like being a little edgy yet still feminine. I paired a lace crop top with a black tank top to “winterize” this look.

Leather Jacket- Target
Crop Top- Charlotte Russe
Leggings- Glass Slipper Styling Studio
Boots- Burlington Coat Factory
Wool Snood- H&M



When I’m not wearing black, or forcing myself to wear colors, I’m wearing a different shade or brown. Camel is one of my favorites! When wearing a monochromatic color scheme adding a pop of color always makes for a great fashion statement.
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Shirt (basic)- H&M
Necklace- Charming Charlie
Sweater- Charlotte Russe
Belt- Glass Slipper Styling Studio


Here is what I’m wearing today. I’m coming down with a bit of a cold. I think all this running around, stress to be honest I haven’t been eating or sleeping that well so it’s all finally catching up to me. I found a comfy sweater and spiced it up a bit by layering a long-sleeved shirt underneath, I have been freezing since last night!

As you can tell from my style snapshots, my style really does vary! I don’t tend to give into labels and I’m not afraid to tell everyone I shop at Goodwill, all that matters is the final outcome and hey if my pennies can stretch a little further from it well it’s a win win for me!

Sweater- New York & Company
Shirt- Charlotte Ruse
Belt- Khol’s (check out the link on my sidebar!) They have some great sales right now!!

I know I have been busy lately, thanks for all the continued support. This little blog is never going anywhere I really appreciate all the positivity on here! Thanks for having a midday spritzer with me! A friend and I are thinking of starting a beauty channel on YouTube, the projects are never ending! I love everything I’m doing so it never feels like I’m always working with no time for myself because I love it!


Changes- Boutique Grand Opening!!

With the new year barley beginning there are already so many changes, internally and externally! I have been hinting at these changes for several weeks now but I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I am now a proud co-owner of a little boutique in Menasha, WI called Glass Slipper Styling Studio.


We will be opening this Saturday to the public. Our website is here: I would love if you dolls could follow along this blog as well! I will be posting tips and outfits but mostly focusing on beauty and fashion. I am now working part-time instead of full-time as a Human Resources Manager. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can honestly say that I have been inspired by each and everyone of my readers. It has been a work in progress but this is honestly like several dreams coming true all at once. Who knew I could get this far in less than a year from just BLOGGING????


I apologize for my absence, there is just so much to do! But somehow I am still managing all my blogs, this one, Nine and Five Fashion and now Glass Slipper Styling Studio. I will still be posting on Mid-day Spritzer as this is how it all started this little baby isn’t going anywhere, I may be deleting my You Tube channel however.  I will be condensing my social media outlets. I am transferring my mid-day spritzer twitter over to my personal twitter account @jodikayedwards and my e-mail to so please stay connected! I am following you all right now!


I am so grateful that I have an outlet where I can put all of my interest into one! Business, fashion and décor. It’s truly been a blessing and this was a great personal example of when one door closes another one opens, I won’t go too deep into that but this came along just at a time in my life when my heart was crushed, hurt and I honestly felt the most un-motivated than ever. From the ruble came this! I bounced back even better than before!

QOTD: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”


Press Release:
In the News:

And of course it would mean the world to me if you could like our facebook page?
and follow us on twitter?


2013 in 5 Minutes

Made a video and put it on my Facebook, I got so many great responses I decided to share with you guys, especially since Midday Spritzer was a large part of my 2013! Cheers to a New Year!



DIY- Burberry Inspired Trench Coat

Burberry Trench

Burberry heart trench coatburberry-dark-camelblack-heart-print-calfskin-trench-coat-product-2-11759981-158361716_large_flexburberry-prorsum-heart-print-ponyskin-trench-coat2-768x1024

Yes go ahead rub your tired little blogging eyes and take another look. This OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, REMARKABLE coat is in fact $11,000. Stick with me and I’ll show you how I made my version for 13….. dollars. Yes rub your eyes again, not only did I purchase a trench coat and the fabric to make Burberry’s much cheaper {looking} hehe and cheaper version of this amazing fashion God send of a coat it cost me a total of $13 dollars to do so. Although I would like to start a jar much like I do for many of my larger fashion statement items there is no jar large enough that could hold my savings for this coat, let’s be honest this sales loving girl could never justify spending $11,000 on one singular item especially because I love calf’s and this is made of calf skin, sadly not even my love for animals would stop me on this one *bites tongue*.

Although this trench coat makes me weak at the knees, makes me drool and honestly could make me skip that second helping of Ben & Jerry’s if it meant I would look better in this I immediately started wracking my brain on how I could get my greedy little fashion loving hands on something like this. Now that I have completely glorified this trench coat above let me get on with it, so here we go! My Burberry DIY Trench Coat. Make sure you watch the video at the end! I’ve searched the web for this and I think I’m the first one to come up with this idea of actually execute and share so yay!


What you’ll need:
– Scissors
– Fabric
– Hot glue gun/ hot glue
– Needle & thread
-White Colored Pencil
– Trench Coat!


Founds this baby at goodwill for $20 the color of the week was yellow so I got this for 1/2 at $10 I couldn’t say no!

IMG_1395 IMG_1397

IMG_1401  IMG_1399



Use the white colored pencil to draw your heart patterns on your fabric. I found this fabric at Jo- Ann’s fabric for $5.99 a yard, however fabric is always on sale there so I got a yard of fabric for $3!


I folded my fabric over four times and drew 6 hearts on each strip. This equates to about 96 hearts. All in all it took me about an hour to cut all the hearts, I then spent another half hour perfecting each heart that so that they were as neat as possible.

*Spritzer tip: If I do choose to do this project again I may opt for lace instead, lace hearts would really make this coat stand out and the way the heart would fold over itself would give the trench coat a more elegant appeal. If you try this, think about using lace for a more feminine look! (As if a coat made of hearts isn’t feminine enough).


I started to hot glue the hearts on my trench coat and placed each heart diagonal from the other. Although I knew it wouldn’t  be perfect like the Burberry print I did try to make all the hearts the same size, but some are larger than the other however from a distance you can’t really tell. I strayed from the original pattern a little and made smaller hearts for the belt straps.

It is important to lay your trench out flat while placing the hearts on the fabric. I used hot glue to secure the hearts in place. I dabbed three small dots of hot glue on each corner of each cut-out heart.


When I was done gluing the hearts on, I went back and sewed a knot in the middle of each heart for added security.


IMG_1428 IMG_1433 IMG_1436 IMG_1438 IMG_1440


This project took me a total of 2 1/2 hours, but I was also filming and taking pictures in between. It was really fun and really easy! . Depending on the size of the pattern you choose (it doesn’t have to be hearts) it might take you longer. I really like how this turned out, I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own designer knock off. I would suggest checking your local thrift store for a trench coat in your size, mine is a size too big but you can’t really tell. $11,000 vs. $13 hmmm. If you can’t find one H&M and Old Navy have great trenches at affordable prices.

Don’t forget to check out my personal style blog this weekend to see how I style this trench!

Accessories Haul & Groopdealz

I swear they don’t sponsor me but they should right? I should write someone! 😉

A few pieces I’m currently lusting over, however wont be able to purchase until December (if they are still available) due to my current no shop November deal. Feel free to shop for me *le sigh.

frince necklace

Fringe Pendant Necklace: $5.99 + $2.50 shipping

grey leather

Faux Leather Jacket (various colors) : $29.99 + $5.00 shipping

holiday leggings

Holiday Leggings: $10.99 + 2.99 shipping

pencil skirt

Madelyn Pencil Skirt: $9.99 + 2.99 $shipping


Tribal Snowflake Leggings: $8.99 + $2.99 Shipping

two birds necklace

Two Little Birds Necklace: $3.99 + $1.99 shipping

Happy Shopping! Remember use my link and I get $5.00 if you spend $20 or more! After that the website creates your own link for you to use and share with others!