Changes- Boutique Grand Opening!!

With the new year barley beginning there are already so many changes, internally and externally! I have been hinting at these changes for several weeks now but I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I am now a proud co-owner of a little boutique in Menasha, WI called Glass Slipper Styling Studio.


We will be opening this Saturday to the public. Our website is here: I would love if you dolls could follow along this blog as well! I will be posting tips and outfits but mostly focusing on beauty and fashion. I am now working part-time instead of full-time as a Human Resources Manager. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can honestly say that I have been inspired by each and everyone of my readers. It has been a work in progress but this is honestly like several dreams coming true all at once. Who knew I could get this far in less than a year from just BLOGGING????


I apologize for my absence, there is just so much to do! But somehow I am still managing all my blogs, this one, Nine and Five Fashion and now Glass Slipper Styling Studio. I will still be posting on Mid-day Spritzer as this is how it all started this little baby isn’t going anywhere, I may be deleting my You Tube channel however.  I will be condensing my social media outlets. I am transferring my mid-day spritzer twitter over to my personal twitter account @jodikayedwards and my e-mail to so please stay connected! I am following you all right now!


I am so grateful that I have an outlet where I can put all of my interest into one! Business, fashion and décor. It’s truly been a blessing and this was a great personal example of when one door closes another one opens, I won’t go too deep into that but this came along just at a time in my life when my heart was crushed, hurt and I honestly felt the most un-motivated than ever. From the ruble came this! I bounced back even better than before!

QOTD: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”


Press Release:
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2013 in 5 Minutes

Made a video and put it on my Facebook, I got so many great responses I decided to share with you guys, especially since Midday Spritzer was a large part of my 2013! Cheers to a New Year!



Winter is that you?




Yeah I went there, the smallest little amount of snow on the ground and I break out the sweaters, parkas and snow pants. What can I say  love to hate winter. The chilling cold, hot chocolate, snuggle fests, scarfs, ugly sweater parties basically all the things I do during fall but with a touch of Christmas. I actually wore this to work today, I woke up and realized it was Monday, you guys know how much I hate dressing up on Monday’s. If I don’t wear leggings it’s the next best thing, jeggings, harem pants, slouchy pants aka the rest of the normal world calls them gauchos or the closest thing resembling sweat pants that I can wear without getting called out.

No I’m not with child just bloated… for no apparent reason love you too body. The bulky sweater doesn’t help but I saved a lot by switching to not caring.


I decided to grace you with my tired face today as I won this beautiful lip color from a giveaway that I won many weeks ago. There seemed to be a problem with the shipping haha, but boy was I happy when I heard that I won! I never win anything. I remember watching a movie with the boy and screaming “I Won!” he looked over with one eye, blinked and that was that. So of coarse I had to document my winnings. I also rarely wear makeup during the week however I threw on some eyeliner and lipstick for you lovelies today! I’m not wearing the nail polish but once I do you can be darn tootin sure that I’ll post about it!


This beautiful color that I am wearing looks great if you have a dark or light complexion. It is theeeeee PERRRRRFECT pink/coral color. Oh Em Gee I am so love with it. It’s Blushing Bolly by Wet & Wild, I also won this amazing nude Rimmel 60 second nail polish “Rain Rain Go Away”. Thank you Stylin’ and Profilin’ !! Go check out her website. I have to say she has everything when it comes to fashion and beauty advice. My favorite is her fab finds posts where she post fab finds at affordable prices! Go go go!

Sweater: Gap
Jeggings: Walmart
Shoes: Target
Pearls: Gift
Infinity Ring: Aerie

New Post on the Personal Style Blog: Cobalt Blue

Bare Minerals: Minimal Make-up Routine

Happy Friday loves! I haven’t done a beauty post in a while so here it is in video form, to be honest I don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time when it comes to hair and make-up. It terrifies me when my friends ask if I’ll do their make-up. I always say I’ll shoot poke your eye out, and that usually deters them from asking. Christmas Story reference, no? Okay, but honestly when I do go out I feel like I’m just painting my face which is probably why if my activities do not involve a bar, club or fancy event of some sort my make-up routine is pretty minimal. Also because of the fact that for some reason I still have the face of a teenager my face and I are in a constant battle of how can I keep you happy because you’re always acting out on me. Nothing too fancy here just American Beauty and Bare Minerals loose powder. 🙂

BM 1


BM 2

AB 1



BARE MINERALS All-Over-Face-Color

“Some people work so hard to mask themselves with fake perfection, that they’ve forgotten true beauty is genuine and perfectly imperfect!” – Kandee Johnson


50 Shades of Purple

A fast an effortless way to spice up your nails! Get glitzy!

Purple Nails

* And of coarse painting your nails is never complete without a little smudge here and there.
Sinful Colors- Enchanted & I Miss You

Ombre Nails

* Luckily the glitter covered it right up!

Nail Art

Sinful Colors has great shades that look great even with one coat! I used two coats for this deep purple look, depending on how you want the glitter distributed on the bottom of your nails 1 or 2 coats will suffice.

Nail Painting Tip: I always paint my nails really sloppy at first then clean up the edges with a cotton swab and some nail polish remover. This provides coverage in all the corners and actually helps to eliminate chipping. Of coarse don’t forget your base and top coat!


Spend the Weekend with Me :)

This weekend went by so quickly! I didn’t get a chance to post anything so I thought I would share my weekend with you lovelies with pictures. In this order, wedding, Sephora Haul, biddy the hedgehog, fall photo shoot and dinosaur sweatshirt. Intrigued? Read/view on.



Found this gorgeous dress last minute at Burlington Coat Factory, which is not what you would think it is, I’ve never actually bought a coat there. It’s a store with discount designer apparel and major discounted department store clothing, décor, just everything. I knew I wanted a long sleeve dress for the wedding and when I saw this chevron pattern I fell in love, I didn’t even look at the price because it was already bough in my mind. I paired this look with nude heels and red jewelry for a pop of color. I actually re-vamped this look by adding a chain necklace that I already owned as well as a chain link bracelet.



Love this guy, I really do. Can you believe we have been dating for 8 years now, time flies by. He writes some pretty good poetry, some of it is about me so of coarse that makes me love it even more, but it’s really good. Check it out here…. I mean if you’re into that sort of thing.


The bride had some beautiful flower arrangements. She spray painted the vases herself. Via pintrest inspiration. I have my own pintrest wedding board already set for that special day, whenever that may be. 🙂


Tired feet from dancing all night. The bride had some great music playing! Lets just call it a Frank Sinatra Pandora station if you will. There was also a photo booth which I thought was a GREAT idea, you got two prints, one which you placed on in a book for the bride and groom and the other you got to keep for yourself.


In lieu of my photo-shoot (Haven’t had one of those in a while) I decided to update my make up routine/ get a mini make over the day before just for fun. This required a $50 dollar minimum purchase and of coarse when shopping at Sephora two items will get you there but it was WELL worth it. Every penny. Stay tuned for my Sephora beauty haul on my YouTube Chanel that is dedicated to this blog. View previous videos here.


My Vox Box finally came in! It got lost in the mail. I also did a quick unboxing/ review on YouTube which you can see here.  I received these items complimentary from Influenster for doing a review on the type of toothbrush that I use. It’s amazing I really like it, I have used it before and I’m glad I now have another one. The bristles are the perfect size for getting in-between those hard to reach areas and the bristles are sooooo SOFT, it’s incredible.  I also received mouthwash and some whitening toothpaste. PS don’t let this color fool you, it’s not burgundy as you know I strongly dislike that color (on me) but it’s the color is OPI-I’m not a waitress.


This weekend on Instagram I discovered an adorable hedgehog who travels the world with his lovely owner. It is his Instagram and all views are from his perspective. He is 2 years old incredibly smart and not to mention adorable. If you feel that you a missing something from your life, it just might be this little guy. Check him out. Also if you are on instagram please let me know! I’d love to follow you. Mine is glitzyspritzer . This and my friends wedding was probably the highlight of my weekend.



I also had a photo shoot today, something to add to my portfolio. Of coarse nothing too serious. I know a great photographer who is always willing to work with me on a whim. I had a great time. I’ve been meaning to get a nice camera and tripod for my OOTD pictures, but there are so many to choose from! Any suggestions?


Don’t mind the gel in my hair, this was about 6 hours later, but I wanted to show you guys how amazing this foundation is. After 3 hours of changing, sweating AND posing the coverage lasted! Not to mention it lasted all day, I just washed it off at its 12:15am. I applied it at 9:00am this morning. I will definitely be going back to get this ( I got a sample) I usually only wear bare minerals if that, but I never wear cover up or foundation. I should because as you can see I have some light scaring but I just don’t like how heavy it makes my face feel but this, this is amazing. Smashbox Studio Skin. I wiped my forehead so you could see the difference, literally amazing. Bare minerals provides adequate coverage as well but it does not photograph well.


So this brings me to the end, Sunday night. I threw on my Victoria Secret leggings, black moccasins and my favorite dinosaur sweatshirt (his name is Rex) which to be honest I wore to bed last night but I don’t care. Roar* Am I twelve you may ask no… I’m 24 come this Wednesday. Much love, night night, back to the daily grind tomorrow!


Plush Plum

I realized that during my move I must have mis-placed all my OPI nail polish…. or accidentally sent it off to mum’s. So THEEEEEN I searched my second stash and found this little gem, never used hiding at the bottom of my nail polish tub (I have so many I had to split them up into two- don’t judge). To be honest I forgot Mary Kay made nail polish. I really didn’t like my mani from last week, but thank you for all your support on Fall Inspired Nails, haha it made me keep it a little longer. I just got sick of looking at that color.

However I really like this plum color and it fits well with my celebration of fall the color is deep and rich yet colorful and pretty, also after only two coats it look like I got them professionally done.



Nailpolish- “Plush Plum” – Mary Kay


NIVEA Lip Butter Review


After I read a review at Pearls and Paris my mind was made up automatically. I had actually passed up buying this lip butter a few weeks ago because I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I must admit I’m a bit of a lip gloss junkie so I’ve tried so many different lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks ah. HOWEVER this is by far my favorite. My lips get dry often, and when they get dry because of my sensitive skin they burn if I put anything like Burt’s Bee’s on them. I usually only use Vaseline because it contains no chemicals but this is my new best friend. It goes on smooth and keeps your lips moist for hours. I’m glad I went back and bought it now to get more scents…