What I have been wearing lately


A great statement necklace really makes a difference. I like how the touch of purple jewels in this necklace stand out against the grey top.

Blazer- Target
Pants- The limited
Shirt (basic)- Wet Seal
Shoes- Goodwill
Pants- The Limited


Coral and gold are one of my favorite combinations together! It’s always so chic no matter if you dress it up or down!

Blazer- Goodwill
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Shoes- Tory Burch
Shirt- Elle (Khols)
Bracelets- Goodwill & Charlotte Russe



Felt like being a little edgy yet still feminine. I paired a lace crop top with a black tank top to “winterize” this look.

Leather Jacket- Target
Crop Top- Charlotte Russe
Leggings- Glass Slipper Styling Studio
Boots- Burlington Coat Factory
Wool Snood- H&M



When I’m not wearing black, or forcing myself to wear colors, I’m wearing a different shade or brown. Camel is one of my favorites! When wearing a monochromatic color scheme adding a pop of color always makes for a great fashion statement.
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Shirt (basic)- H&M
Necklace- Charming Charlie
Sweater- Charlotte Russe
Belt- Glass Slipper Styling Studio


Here is what I’m wearing today. I’m coming down with a bit of a cold. I think all this running around, stress to be honest I haven’t been eating or sleeping that well so it’s all finally catching up to me. I found a comfy sweater and spiced it up a bit by layering a long-sleeved shirt underneath, I have been freezing since last night!

As you can tell from my style snapshots, my style really does vary! I don’t tend to give into labels and I’m not afraid to tell everyone I shop at Goodwill, all that matters is the final outcome and hey if my pennies can stretch a little further from it well it’s a win win for me!

Sweater- New York & Company
Shirt- Charlotte Ruse
Belt- Khol’s (check out the link on my sidebar!) They have some great sales right now!!

I know I have been busy lately, thanks for all the continued support. This little blog is never going anywhere I really appreciate all the positivity on here! Thanks for having a midday spritzer with me! A friend and I are thinking of starting a beauty channel on YouTube, the projects are never ending! I love everything I’m doing so it never feels like I’m always working with no time for myself because I love it!


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