Changes- Boutique Grand Opening!!

With the new year barley beginning there are already so many changes, internally and externally! I have been hinting at these changes for several weeks now but I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I am now a proud co-owner of a little boutique in Menasha, WI called Glass Slipper Styling Studio.


We will be opening this Saturday to the public. Our website is here: I would love if you dolls could follow along this blog as well! I will be posting tips and outfits but mostly focusing on beauty and fashion. I am now working part-time instead of full-time as a Human Resources Manager. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can honestly say that I have been inspired by each and everyone of my readers. It has been a work in progress but this is honestly like several dreams coming true all at once. Who knew I could get this far in less than a year from just BLOGGING????


I apologize for my absence, there is just so much to do! But somehow I am still managing all my blogs, this one, Nine and Five Fashion and now Glass Slipper Styling Studio. I will still be posting on Mid-day Spritzer as this is how it all started this little baby isn’t going anywhere, I may be deleting my You Tube channel however.  I will be condensing my social media outlets. I am transferring my mid-day spritzer twitter over to my personal twitter account @jodikayedwards and my e-mail to so please stay connected! I am following you all right now!


I am so grateful that I have an outlet where I can put all of my interest into one! Business, fashion and décor. It’s truly been a blessing and this was a great personal example of when one door closes another one opens, I won’t go too deep into that but this came along just at a time in my life when my heart was crushed, hurt and I honestly felt the most un-motivated than ever. From the ruble came this! I bounced back even better than before!

QOTD: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”


Press Release:
In the News:

And of course it would mean the world to me if you could like our facebook page?
and follow us on twitter?


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