Aztec Gold

Fashion can literally transform you. That’s what I love about it. With just a few patterns, fabrics and accessories you can transform into anything. Stylish diva, preppy bookworm, vintage chic it’s amazing. I know we all know this already but after styling today’s ootd I took a step back and was like wow fashion is great.

I once got in a discussion with a friend of mine, he didn’t think fashion promoted originality because its all the same but I thought otherwise. We make these designs our own we make trends our own its a beautiful thing. πŸ™‚

Anyway despite the freezing cold I wanted to channel a little warmth so I started with some patterned leggings reached for a black top with ruffles and a similar color in the leggings for my cardigan to somewhat tie this together. I am wearing black boots and although this might be too matchy matchy I like that I didn’t immediately reach for a black cardigan. The gold accent jewelry really helps to play up the fabric of these leggings by giving it an Aztec sun goddess feel. Summer please come soon.



Top: Khols
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leggings: Burlington
Jewels: Discovery & Charlotte Russe


8 thoughts on “Aztec Gold

  1. I love this look! especially the pants/leggings!! I really hope summer gets here soon too!!
    And, I totally agree with you! I think fashion allows us to be creative with our appearance and transform ourselves in whatever way we want! aztec sun goddess for sure!! xo

  2. I want those leggings! I love this look, and don’t think it’s matchy matchy at all. I love fashion allows individual expression, and enables us to create looks unique to ourselves.

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