Warby Parker: New Plam Canyon Collection!


Hey guys! I wanted to share with you a pretty amazing company I just
recently had the pleasure of reviewing called Warby Parker. First off I did
not receive any type of compensation or free product for this post. This post is for all my fabulous fashionistas who know that a good pair of glasses or shades can make or break any outfit. As we know they can also spice up any outing, vacation or simple car ride!


140114_WPTA-Shot3_137A little about the company. Warby Parker’s objective is ” to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point”. And so they have, one of these fashionable designer frames start at around $95 which is a decent price for a pair of glasses. Get your prescription from your optometrist or just at a local pharmacy that offers a quick vision service and you’re set. Since I am a shop-a-holic by trade I really enjoy when my money can stretch a little further not just in terms of a good sale but beyond that. When the proceeds go somewhere else that is a plus in my book. Giving a company my money only for them to turn around and give to the community is really inspiring. Warby Parker has a buy a pair, give a pair motto. Each sale of their frames goes to someone else in need. It may be small but think about how many people can work, go to school enjoy life with just a pair of lenses! Not only does Warby Parker give to those in need but they also focus on helping to train low-income women sell glasses in their communities by providing job growth and a gift that it’s much more valuable than money its self, which is how to be self-sufficient.

duckworth-optical-painted-desert-toppreston-sun-red-canyon-top  wheeler-sun-windswept-tortoise-top wheeler-sun-revolver-black-top

Another interesting option that Warby Parker offers is their home try-on service. You can pick any five glasses or sunglasses and Warby Parker will ship it to you free. You have five days to try them on and ship it back. You can purchase the pair you liked and the best part is that the cost for you to received and ship back is zero, zip, zilch, nada.


Much like Warby Parker believes that everyone has the right to see, I believe that everyone should have the right to looking fabulous. Take a look at their new Palm Canyon Collection these start at around $145. I have my eye’s (no pun intended) set on this little beauty. Mostly because I have a similar pair in black. I really like my current winged glasses but these would look great at work on day’s where I want to make a fashion statement AND feel confident.


PRESTON: Red Canyon

I’m also looking at these sunglasses for my end of year trip to Africa and spring break trip to Mexico in March! I love how simple and clean they look but they also offer a unique edge to them which is another great aspect of fashion.


WHEELER: Windswept Tortoise


WINSTON: Cognac Tortoise


DUCKWORTH: Painted Desert

WINSTON: Revolver Black

The names in this new Palm Canyon Collection are so fun it makes almost want to book a flight somewhere! Might as well travel in style if that’s the case.

Duckworth: Painted Dessert
Preston: Red Canyon
Winston: Cognac Tortoise
Wheeler: Revolver Black & Windswept Tortoise

Warby Parker Eyeglasses
Warby Parker Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Warby Parker


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