Peach & Grey

It’s snowing so hard here! I made the mistake of wearing heels today and I was running a little late for work, I almost fell (basically did) and caught myself in such a weird way, I hurt my back a little but I’m hoping it will get better throughout the day. A friend if my broke his leg when he fell on the ice! Be careful to those dealing with this weather! What else happened this morn well I spilt my blueberry banana shake (aka lunch) all over my new purse a friend just bought for me. But it’s still going to be a good day! There is just too much to be happy about. Yay for being positive.

Today’s outfit was literally thrown together in a matter of seconds. I had polka dots and florals lined up but I didn’t feel like wearing that today erm so I didn’t.



Cardigan: Gifted
Dress: H&M
Jewels: Charlotte Russe


3 thoughts on “Peach & Grey

  1. I like what you picked out! I’m just really much done with winter. I miss my sandals…but anyway, be careful out there! Last winter, I fell by one of our subway stops and I swear to you, my ankle still struggles!

  2. another fab outfit, you really are stylish and have such a great eye for putting together outfits – something I”m bad at which is why I wear so many dresses!

    It is surprisingly mild here in the UK (aside from flooding from all the rain) and I’m hoping your snow isn’t on its way over; though at the same time, I have bright pink wellies which would be fun to wear again

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