Black and Brown

Here’s another fashion no no, that I love to make a fashion yes yes. Black and brown looks so tasteful when done correctly. I have always likes how these two colors look together, what about you?



Top: Friends closet (she was throwing it away!)
Skirt: Discovery
Shoes: Target
Jewels: Buckle
Purse: (gift!) Buckle


9 thoughts on “Black and Brown

  1. I actually love black and brown – such as a black dress with brown leather boots or like what you have – stripes! I remember back in high school it was considered such a “no no” to wear both colors. Now times have changed and rules are meant to be broken! xoxo

  2. It just so happens that I am also wearing black and brown today! So, of course, it’s a yes because we are both doing it! LOL I love it! you look fab- and I love that necklace. It looks very chic! Hope you are staying warm!

    1. Yay great minds think alike! I’m freezing from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, thankfully working out at the gym provides me with some temporary releif haha. It’s so cold here all the time! How is it by you?

      1. Well, it warmed up to 5 today, which did feel better…but then more snow came! I don’t even know anymore….should we start a new trend? Midwest layers? Two scarves at once? Two pairs of tights?

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