Day 11/12 to a New You!

This is it guys! One more day! I feel great, these past few days has been a breeze, nothing like a little motivation to start your year off right. I’m actually spending some quality time with the family. They were in Hawaii for Christmas so this is our catch up time. We are having a HUGE bash at the cabin, literally neighbors neighbors were invited and we are all here umm for lack of a better word boozing it up and playing board games. Hope your New Year’s Eve is filled with family, friends and fun!

Breakfast: Eggs and 1/2 bagel w/ Damon
Lunch: Veggie Sub
Dinner: wine

Skiing & playing in the snow!
Okay I did some crunches too, we also did a group 1 min. plank in the living area.
Ab Ripper (p90x) on You Tube!
Pinterest workout literally don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 🙂

workout pinterest

Happy New Years Eve!


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