Day 9&10/12 to a New You!

Almost there guys! I normally don’t like the whole New Years Resolution thing because we should constantly aim to be a better person than we were the day before and NOT wait a whole year haha but I’ve been feeling really good about this upcoming New Year I hope you have been too!

Day 9
Breakfast: Fried egg (coconut oil) tomatoes & green peppers 1/2 orange
Lunch: Banana almond protein shake
Dinner: Beef, rice, yellow potatoes & honey glazed carrots (decided to have white instead of wheat but opt for wheat more times than not!)



Body pump, treadmill (30 mins), stair stepper, bike- abs & squats

After the gym I wanted to cry, I mean like ugly cry I was so sore from kettlework on Friday.

Day 10
Breakfast: Hardboiled egg/ strawberries with granola cereal
Lunch: no lunch 😦 I was bad!
Dinner: Cream of chicken soup with veggies!




Resting your muscles and body is a must when working hard. Your muscles need time to prepare, while you’re preparing get mentally prepared as well!


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