May Your Days be Merry and Bright

My day has just become more merry and more bright, last time I checked, Charming Charlie didn’t have an online store annnnnd I saw a banner ad this morning and found out that they do! Also right now they are having their semi-annual sale: sooo go be merry! I spent this Christmas with my mom which was actually rather nice and relaxing. We were able to bond a little more than last year, I was actually able to open up to her and talk to her about a few things. I’ve always wanted a relationship like Rory’s mom from Gilmore Girls…Lorelai, that type of inseparable bond between a mother and a daughter. It’s a work in progress and the older I get the more I am learning how to cherishing those relationships. I have years and years of memories that I missed out on with her and it’s really important to me that I get those back.

Below is what I’ve been up to lately, also as the holidays start to wind down I will be making a few changes to the blog! New layout, less clutter, trimming the fat they call it.

OOTD from last week

OOTD from last week

OOTD from last week


navy and mustard
Newest blog post! Navy and Mustard: Check it out —–> HERE


Holiday nails! A spritz of glitz added some festivity to my nails!


Dress I found while thrifting from Taiwain. Didn’t purchase though, it made me itchy :/

IMG_9633  IMG_9632 IMG_9640IMG_9637

So I saved the best for last! I  Foud this real Michael Kors purse at Goodwill for $14! I almost passed it up because I already have one which cost me $345 so in my head I was thinking no use that purse until it dies, but why not have two! Someone lined the inside with an odd choice of fabric but hey one mans trash is another mans treasure! I ran home and reached for my seam ripper, once I removed the self made lining I noticed that the purse was basically good as new! I would have to say this is my best find of the year.


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