Day 4/12 to a new you!

Well another Monday has come and gone… thankfully I managed to make it through the day without freezing to death. Also a big shout out to Rhonda for having heated seats and my moms random gifts of fuzzy socks never go unappreciated. Donn’t judge me but I’m totally obsessed with  Miley’s latest album Bangerz, it’ s perfect for a warm up, workout and cool down! Or just to listen to after a… well :/ yeah, here’s to a new year. Once again you may ask if I’m twelve… nope. Speaking of being 12 thinking about wearing my dinosaur sweatshirt to work tomorrow… thoughts on this…

B: Hard boiled eggs with tomato basil cheese
L: Chicken Salad and strawberries with granola and almond milk mmmm I eat this everyday because it’s so good!
S: Peanut butter wheat bagel
D: Wheat rice and chicken soup

Body pump (weights, lifting abs)Treadmill 45 minutes. Xperience fitness has the cardio movie theater and The Bounty Hunter was on and I loooove Jennifer Aniston. 1. I think thats such a pretty last name. 2. I just love her.
More abs on the ball

Also in my lazyness I was able to throw this together. I know I’ve been slacking on the ootd posts. I woke up late and missed my 5:30am workout luckily on Monday’s the same class starts again at 6:15 pm.




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