Day 2/12 to a New You!

Here is to day two of 12 days to a new you! On Saturday’s I like to give it my all so I did both cardio and strength! Ugh I ate horrible today as in not a healthy proportion at all. I’ve been really stressed lately and some stuff happened last night that really just kinda put the icing on the cake so I don’t recommend eating this little. But I don’t want to alter this at all so I’m going to put what I should have had with a *

B: Banana, two spoonfuls of peanut butter *toast
L: Banana, strawberry, mango and almond milk smoothie * Chicken/bean salad
S: Granola & Strawberries
D: TBA *Ham and whole grain rice




Body Pump (45 min weight class with abs)
1 mile run
10 minutes stair stepper
10 minutes bike

IMG_9771 IMG_9772


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