12 Days to a New You!

Well we’ve all heard of 12 days to Christmas, most blogs out there are doing something and I have to admit I haven’t been in the Christmas spirit much this year, I don’t know what it is the older you get the shorter your Christmas list gets because you realize the things you want can’t be bought. I’m really looking forward to spending time with my mom, and the boys family as well and *ehem wine.

So let me begin by saying  I apologize for the lack of fashion posts lately but still appreciate each and everyone of you for always being so darn supportive! I wanted to start utilizing the other categories of my blog more like beauty, health and fitness I’m not too worried about my decor and DIY as those are updated often, through adventuring more into the land of fitness and beauty I’m sure I’ll find more blog to add to my spritzers section {who knows some of you might already be there} 🙂

So 12 days to a new you is going to be one of my first mini health programs that I have put together and shared.  I’m currently training to get my personal trainer license (have been for a few months now) but I’d really like to finish it up quickly (it’s a self paced course online through ISSA) and I knew this would help me to motivate myself and others as well! For the next 12 days I will be posting my workouts, meal plans and other information I deem necessary that I personally believe will make sure that you start the New Year off right. Make SMART goals for yourself, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. There are 12 days left of this year guys, I couldn’t think of a better way the to ring in the New Year!

Day 1 to a New You!

Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, crackers veggie cheese & tea
Lunch: Split pea soup
Dinner: Whole wheat pasta veggies, beef tips.


Body Pump


REAL TALK: I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their life but I just wanted to give others the opportunity to share along my journey I’m literally telling you how I live MY life 😉 it’s a touchy subject I know, we are all different so do what works for you okay? I have a little stomach thingy I wouldn’t even call it a condition but I get really sick, sluggish, slow and EXHAUSTED my body just starts to literally shut down and the main way I have found to combat this is through clean eating, working out and being fit, it also does wonders for my mood. It sometimes gets so bad to the point where it hurts to eat anything really and that’s when I usually end up doing a detox for a few days to clean out my system. It’s so bizarre but my body is obviously trying to tell me something, not sure if that has happened to any of you? Help meeeeeee? I actually decided to help myself by eating foods that made me feel better.

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve lost a lot of weight, gained some back it was always this rollercoaster. The closer I got to my 20’s the more I realized I was damaging my body and that life shouldn’t revolve around calories and the scale. It took me a few more years to realize that just being healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle was all I needed. No matter what size I was I needed to love my body because yogob YOU ONLY GET ONE BODY  I know yolo has died I’m sure yogob will die pretty quickly too haha. How I feel on the inside is really what matters, what happens on the outside is just the icing on the cake.

I never really thought about this untill today, but I guess it’s not just a fashion blog, it’s a lifestyle blog huh? I’m still working out all the kinks but here’s to a new chapter, a new year and a new you! For the next 12 days until New Years I’ll be posting my meals and my workouts it’s actually going to look like what you see above. No calorie counting just living! Feel free to follow along!


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