Winter, You Sly Little Fox You




Brrrr it’s cold out there! Thankfully smart layering can keep what little body heat we have left inside our bodies. Head on over to Nine and Five Fashion to see the rest!

Also I owe you guys an explanation… I will be deleting my nineandfivefashion and my glitzyspritzer instagram I decided to just use my personal account, I was actually keeping the two worlds separate and last week I finally had the courage to let my friends and family know what I’ve been up to these past few months… kinda I only made the announcement via instagram haha, still waiting to do Facebook. If you were following me on that one please switch to jodikayedwards I’m already following all who were following my old accounts on this one! My personal account has it all friends, army, work, food, decor and FASHION. So don’t judge I am a jane of all trades  not a schizo I promise.

My social media is a mess right now, once I get it all settled I will give you the update but as of right now all things fashion/decor/workout related will be here:

Twitter: glitzyspritzer
Instagram: jodikayedwards



4 thoughts on “Winter, You Sly Little Fox You

  1. I love the look- I totally braved the snow today for my photos. I need to post them (story of my life, right?!). And my social media is a mess half the time too- it’s a lot to manage! If all else fails, you look totally fab. 🙂 xo!

  2. You look fabulous, even in the cold! That’s so funny about your Instagram… I did a similar thing last week! However, I ACCIDENTALLY linked my blog instagram to my personal Facebook. I’ve blogged for a year and had told my family and close friends, but still wanted to keep it private a bit longer. After my little mistake, that’s no longer the case haha. I freaked out at first, but finally got over it after a few days! I told myself if people want to judge, then that’s their problem. Keep up the good work, and stay warm!

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