DIY {Tiffany’s Present} Wall Decor

Although all my DIY’s will forever hold a special place in my heart this one is just a spritz above the rest! Not sure if you’ve seen or heard about her or her blog but Carly Cristman is one of my favorite fashionistas/You Tubers out there. Not only is she a girl after my own heart but her style is phenomenal when it comes to fashion and decor && umm and we both have a gross obsession for wine soooo we’re basically twins. Okay creepy rant over anyways I actually started this DIY a few weeks ago but when I saw her Apartment Room Tour I was inspired to finish up my paintings asap. Although these aren’t Tiffany boxes nor are they going on my Christmas tree they are still festive! They make a nice addition to my collage wall and thanks to Carly’s tasteful style I realized they were perfect for Christmas decor for the next few weeks as well!


If you are a painter this is fairly easy, if not practice shading with paint on a piece of paper. I used acrylic paint so I could build texture however watercolor would be suitable as well. Since paint is forever I didn’t want to mess anything up so I did draw an outline prior to painting, I didn’t follow it sketch for sketch but you get the idea!


Small Canvas (3)
White, blue, yellow and black paint
Wall stickies (or something to mount paintings to your wall)





Yellow and blue make green add a bit more blue then use ALOT of white to create this Tiffany blue color. {Robin egg}





To create shading for the ribbon and bow mix a dab of black with some white to create an off white/grey color. Create lines around the knot of the bow for “wrinkles”.






Carly Cristman Christmas Tree

Carly’s Christmas Tree! Absolutely gorgeous isn’t it?





12 thoughts on “DIY {Tiffany’s Present} Wall Decor

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had even half of the DIY crafting skills, I’d LOVE to do this! Haha I mean come on, what girl doesn’t love a touch a of Tiffany, right?!

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