DIY Chanel Burlap Tote

SOooooOo I found this picture online literally like 5 years ago, I saved the pic on my phone and transferred it through the years of technology, the picture below literally went from my HP touch to my blackberry to my iphone and now it’s here on my blog! Much like everything else somewhat fashionable I thought… “I could make that!” So I did. :

fake chanel 2

Then I goggled this to see if anyone else has made this so I could possibly link back to their blog or something but I didn’t really find anything other than this website selling this DIY for $25 (click picture for link). Personally I like the first picture better. But hey why pay $25 when you can make your own and add your own personal touches for dun dun dun dun under $10 dollars dollhairs $7.49 to be exact.

fake chanel

What you will need:

December 2013 124

chanel-icon Paintbrushes: varying size pack-Not sure I’ve had these forever
chanel-iconTote bag: $4.99 at Joannes fabric. And I got 40% off so it was more like $5.00 to makes this
chanel-iconFabric Paint: $2.50 at Joannes fabric
chanel-icon Eyeballs

December 2013 128

Use a ruler your eyeballs to measure out the distance of the letters, size them up to leave enough room for the Chanel logo at the top.


Go over your pencil sketch with the fabric paint, use your paintbrush to spread the paint out and to create that unfinished look use a wider brush for the ends of the C’s. I added little globs to the end of each point of my “FAKE” however to get a more unfinished look takes just one clean upward stroke of the paintbrush.

This is a little tricky because there is no going back after flicking your brush up.I did this all in one sitting and it took about 15 minutes, although the paint does dry pretty fast (not superman fast) be careful of smudging while you are working on other letters. I recommend painting the C’s first then moving down to the FAKE.


Here is the end result!


So fetch. I’m actually thinking of gluing burlap string to the handles but I thought I would use it like this for a little before altering the look…. Maybe I’ll spice it up this summer.


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