We Remember






We lost a great man yesterday, in my culture we celebrate life as a way of mourning. His life is truly one to be celebrated. Madiba changed lives. He changed history. Up until the age of 95 Madiba lived a great life. A voice was silenced and a loving heart stilled but he still lives on.

The boy and I were talking about who would be remembered more for passing away this week, Nelson Mandela or Paul Walker we both decided it was be based on your intelligence. Not to be taken the wrong way as one life should not be valued more over the other however it just irks me the wrong way when people don’t remember for the right reasons.

Have a great weekend loves. I’ll be away this weekend for drill. Don’t forget to tell the people close to you that you love them, life is fragile.



6 thoughts on “We Remember

  1. It’s been a sad week for sure. But it’s a testament to how much Mandela meant to so many people all over the globe, seeing so many people from different cultures come together to honor him.

    on a lighter note, I really like your cardigan/sweater.

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