Strike a Pose {App}


My mother would be rolling on the ground right now if she saw that I posted this without ironing my ootd. “What do you want people to think when they first see you” Umm clearly I’m okay with letting you guys know that I rolled out of bed, showered and found this dress in the depths of my closet. Bun hair don’t care.


I actually used my pose app today. This is what I came up with! I usually open up my daily pose fashion filled e-mail and say “oh that looks nice” and “hmm she looks great in that” but nothing ever strikes me as wow I would wear that, so I was really excited when I saw today’s outfit and was like “oh I have something like that in my closet!”. Pose is an app where you can literally shop the closets of other people. Pose features a daily look from other fashion bloggers, youtubers and fashionistas. If you haven’t striked a pose yet I highly recommend doing so! This app is super fun and super easy to use. It’s been called the instagram of fashion.




*not a sponsored post

Sweater- American Eagle
Khaki Dress- Charlotte Russe (Bought 3 years ago first worn today tags were on and everything *smh)
Booties- Target


16 thoughts on “Strike a Pose {App}

  1. I didn’t know about this app- looks interesting. I like your take on the look…and erm…I’ve never found things in my own closet with tags still on them….erm….(Oh the shame!! I hate when that happens!)

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