DIY Collage Wall {Part 1}

So I’ve seen this gorgeous little collection for a while now on Pinterest and I’ve just been gathering the items that I would need to make my own collage wall. To be honest this isn’t going to be the full tutorial because I haven’t finished collecting all the items I need to make this look exactly how I want but for now it serves as a great starting point!

Picture Frames
Paint Brush
Spray Paint
Any other items you feel like hanging on your wall


I got my frames from Walmart! At only $1.50-3.00 a piece you can’t go wrong.


I removed the glass and backing.


Keep them because they are perfect for diy decor and gifts! I stored mine for a later project which I’m sure I will blog about for all to see. 🙂


Next I attempted to mix what I like to call the perfect Tiffany Blue. I used green and yellow then added white until he color was juuuust right. I haven’t done a bedroom room tour yet but my room is a mixture of taupe, purple, silver and cream. I thought the teal would add a splash of color. I know it sounds odd but I went for more of an elegant look. It’s really comforting because my faux fireplace and bookshelves are all ivory so the colors work well together.

IMG_1668 IMG_1669

I used about two coats of this color and let them dry. I didn’t paint the back because if you guys couldn’t tell by now I’m rather lazy I prefer the effortless way when it comes to fashion and decor. Where there is a shortcut I will find it.


It’s not done yet but next I arranged the picture frames on my wall vertical and horizontal. Once I get more the look will be more complete. That’s it for now! Happy DIY-ing!


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