December is here!

Boy how time flies. I never really understood what that meant when my mother said it… I mean she said it all the time, that was usually followed by a pat on the head. Although I currently have no children of my own, I see how much I’ve grown over the past year. This time last year I was in boot camp for the National Guard, hating my life freezing and somewhat starving haha… it wasn’t that bad but this workout enthusiast, fashionista girl has many interest and that was just another thing on my bucket list so I persevered.

So here’s to the end of November and the beginning of December. At the age of 24 I am thankful that I have been able to accomplish so much.  I’m so happy when I see others out there blogging because that means you’re not getting sucked into your nine to five job. We all have bills to pay but what makes paying those bills worthwhile is how you’re out living your life. Over the past 3 years after college I graduated with a BA in business and a minor in Human Resources, I got a job in my field, I joined the National Guard, came back from training got a promotion, bought a watered down version of my dream car, moved to a new city, finally acted on my love for fashion blogging turned reading blogs into creating my own, got brave enough to start a you tube channel  and started a business of my own! Sooo December is here meaning the new year is just around the corner I can’t wait for what’s next to come and I hope the rest of you are excited to continue living out your life as I am. Remember;

{If you don’t like where you are change it… you are not a tree}

This weekend I did a variety of things. I baked something from scratch for the FIRST TIME EVER & it actually tasted decent. {The boy and I are still here to tell the tale}. Despite my blog dedicated completely to fashion, decor and fitness I actually didn’t do much black Friday shopping. I bought some knee socks for $2.99 from shopko, and some faux leather gloves for my work Secret Santa. I bought some basics at H&M because once again I was able to get like a bajillion things for under $30. I hung out with some friends, ate a lot of food napped a lot {boy was I tired hungover} took a few pics for the STYLE BLOG and did a few DIY’s so here I am about to nerd it up via xbox with the lover for the rest of Sunday. You guys know so much about me it’s unreal. Love you though.


(not anywhere on the blog so don’t go clicking around for it 🙂 I have to clean it up a bit since I had some technical difficulties)


Will post recipe later this week!

IMG_1510 IMG_1508 IMG_1501




7 thoughts on “December is here!

  1. Ummm that shirt is amazing- that quote is hilarious. I hope you wear it everywhere. You DIYs are amazing, per usual, and lol, yes, we all know a LOT about each other via blogging…it’s awkward and amazing all at once. Happy December!! xo

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