Sheer The Warmth




I’ve been feeling rather festive lately I know it’s only Tuesday. However with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner I’ve already been plotting what I want to wear. Something that says hey I’m fashionable but nothing can tear my paws away from that turkey and pumpkin bread ( I don’t like pumpkin pie).

Today’s outfit was inspired by my very first polyvore creation. (I randomly tossed some items together and slapped date night on the top). As much as I’d like to say wow that was easy why haven’t I don’t this before?  I’m not a polyvore queen like most of you. I don’t really understand how to use it and my creations aren’t as beautiful because I like to wear random things. I seriously had to force myself to replace a grey gobble gobble sweatshirt with this burgundy sweatshirt sad truth is I would wear that gobble sweatshirt on a date. Thankfully I’ve already snagged a man or I would def be #foreveralone.

Polyvor GlitzySpritzer

*Le sign I digress, so hence the berry theme. I didn’t have anything feather so I went for this chic faux fur shawl type thing and some sparkly heels! Although I’d have to say the fur paired with this ruffled sheer top makes this outfit.

Anyway I know you are here to feast your eyes on today’s ootd! (No pun intended) let me stop all the rambling. Off to check out some of your lovely outfits so I can be inspired! Sheer the warmth, sheer the love for fashion!

Top: target (still wearing sheer in the winter!!)
Fur: Macy’s
Harem Pants: Burlington
Shoes- Steve Madden


13 thoughts on “Sheer The Warmth

  1. Ummm you are looking all sorts of fancy in this ensemble! I love it- the fur, the jewels, the glitter shoes! Super festive! I’m wearing green pants and red plaid shoes today so I think it’s safe to say we are in the holiday spirit!!

  2. I love the fuzzy jacket thing! I had a momentary lapse of reason and bought a reversible leopard print faux fur vest from Costco. I noticed a hole in the pocket and returned it.

  3. Fabulous ensemble! I really love shawl and the pants! And I also really like your date night creation…tres chic! I wear sheer/silk shirts in the winter also, I just wear a tank top underneath (if I can) for extra warmth.

    P.S. I don’t like pumpkin pie either lol

  4. this post had me rolling because I can so identify with the gobble sweatshirt and being thankful you already have a man. I have a seriously hard time resisting cheesy themes. Luckily, my hubby finds my themed sweatshirts quirky and endearing, and I’m sure your guy does too!

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