Faux Pa? Faux Fabulous!

Happy Friday babes! Make it a fabulous one! Found this faux fur vest at once again the infamous Goodwill. Okay no more shopping there for me at least not for a while. But at $7 I just couldn’t say no! I squealed with joy when my trench coat and this vest rang up at under $20! *muah

Having trouble organizing your closet with your new cold weather additions? Check out my how to build a walk in closet for less than $200 video post!





First snowfall here my fall decor didn’t appreciate it much.

Fur vest: Goodwill
Cream Sweater: Tommy hillthisissoold
Brown sweater: Target
Trousers: Rock & Republic (call me crazy for spending $88 on a paid of jeans but these are so worth it!)
Shoes: Payless


19 thoughts on “Faux Pa? Faux Fabulous!

  1. Oh snap!! That was an amazing score!!! I love how you glamed it up! Also….you guys have full snow there? Sticking to the ground!? Gah. I bet your fall decor didn’t appreciate it. I wouldn’t either! Snow is fair game solely after Thanksgiving!!

    1. Thank you! I’m always so happy when I find items on my to buy list for a fraction of the cost! It was raining last night, then all of a sudden bam snow on the ground, it seems to be sticking my car was covered in it. It might be melting soon. I agree that exactly what I thought this morning haha, it’s not even Thanksgiving, my dΓ©cor doesn’t want to move because it feels entitled to at least another week!

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