Fashion-Math = Academic Style

Found this little gem of a jacket in my garage. How amazing that it still fits after all these years, which is odd because I have gotten more voluptuous over the years. Siri wanted to auto correct that to plump *grumble. I tricked this look a little by dressing it up with heels that could pass for sneakers on my style blog.

See the full look here!

Thankfully isntead of wearing this to math class I have the pleasure of wearing this to my lovely job where the only numbers I’m crunching are those when employee’s ask for raises and how much it costs us to provide benefits. Doesn’t sound too exciting? Well trust me when I say Human Resources is way better than finding the derivative of a problem that could easily be solved by switching to not giving a ****.



Can’t remember the last time I woke up and said “hmm today’s a good day to enrich my life by solving a derivative” uh no thanks, I choose D. none of the above.

What do you guys think of this academic style? Is this something you would wear to work? Talk about leaving all the drama of high school behind you right? Luckily unlike school when you get sick of this you can take it off and toss it behind you place it neatly on your chair.



Top: H & M
Jacket: so old
Skirt: Burligton
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Vera Wang
*I usually never post the price I pay for items however this was such a good deal I had to share! $3.60 go run to khols and go get you some! If you’ve the out takes of my my Fall Trends video you will understand.


8 thoughts on “Fashion-Math = Academic Style

  1. too cute babe! i love when you breathe new life in an item you completely forgotten about. getting excited by an old item like its new! even though trends often recycle. storage issues cause me to give away as well! but itll make someone else happy right?!

  2. I despise some of Siri’s autocorrect suggestions. It once changed “haha” in response to someone to “gags” which then turned into I was being rude:( Anyways, I diverse, I am loving this jacket, the academic trend is a definite hit!

    xx Cara

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