Sweet Sweater Bliss

I hope you lovelies had a nice weekend! It was raining all weekend here in little ol Appleton so I wasn’t able to do my post on cape coats for my Nine and Five Fashion Blog. I did however break my no shop November. *Le sigh I lasted a whole two weeks though. I went to Goodwill to use my coupon that technically didn’t expire until the 25th but I had one of those feelings and I don’t regret it. I Thrifted two things that have been on my to buy list and at such unbeatable prices I knew it wouldn’t last for long so I snatched it up! Stay tuned as ill be posing my finds this week! Ill give you three hints faux fur vest, tench coat, $10.00. That should give you an idea of how thrilled I was! Find of the year, maybe even century!

Today I went for leggings instead of my normal tights. I belted a sweater dress and threw a sweater over my sweater dress for added warmth! I added a scarf for that extra cozy look.




Sweater dress- H&M
Sweater- Thrifted
Leggings- Victorias Secret
Shoes- Old Navy
Scarf- H&M


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