Colonel Mustard with the Rope in the Office



You’re probably thinking clue reference, really. The game not the movie.

These mustard pants were honestly one of my better fall purchases. Costing a whopping 14.99 at Discovery. Don’t worry I’ve been doing well with my no shop November I bought these last month. I am going through withdrawal though, I’m cold and I’d do anything for a trip…. to the mall you silly goose. I get high on heels.

Mustard is such a versatile color, it can be worn with cheetah (as you’ll see tomorrow) black, orange, cream, camo ohh the possibilities! Even better I can wear it to the office, these shoes with the wooden heel make these pants office worthy. I was worried that they would be too loud for the rest of my black and grey wearing co-workers but then I was like duh glitzy get a clue these pants don’t own you! After I talked to my pants about how they should behave at work I counted how many days until November was over. I miss goodwill *tear.

See how Olivia from Baubles to Bubbles is wearing mustard here. She was even brave enough to pair it with red it looks so tasteful, and not in a ketchup and mustard kind of way!

Top- Burlington
Pants- Discovery (not a kids store like I thought)
Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Jewels- Burlington

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4 thoughts on “Colonel Mustard with the Rope in the Office

  1. Thanks so much for including my post, girlfriend! Isn’t mustard the greatest! It surprisingly is so flattering, and I think a lot of people stray away from it. I LOVE these pants on you, and think I need to get some mustard pants now!

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