Leather Sweater Weather

statement necklace

Leather pants

Oxblood and wool

Say that three times fast! My two all time favorite brands of jeans are Rock and Republic and Vera Wang. They fit my body so perfectly! They hug all the right places and fit my waist so comfortably. Whenever I wear these I don’t find myself dashing for my yoga pants as soon as I walk through my apartment door. From the hips to the thighs to the derriere finding the right pair of pants for me is often a battle that is not easily won.

I played off the deep berry tone in these leather slacks and decided that coral would be a nice way to lighten the mood a bit. Remember my policy, we don’t say oxblood on this blog, why? Because every time we use the term “oxblood” a poor little ox dies. *shutters. I love fashion but sometimes we come up with the weirdest terminology for things. It’s burgundy or berry okay?

Sweater: Khols
Jeans: Rock & Republic (Khols)
Shoes: Rampage (DSW)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe


7 thoughts on “Leather Sweater Weather

  1. I’m a huge fan of burgundy + pastels, particularly a peach color. It’s most definitely sweater weather – it was almost freezing temps this morning in NC and yesterday on my way home from work there was some snowy/slushy percipitation 🙂

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