How to Build a Walk In Closet (for less than $200)

It’s been a while since I made a video, I’ve been talking about doing this room tour ever since I did my Paris themed bathroom room tour! I filmed it a while ago, but finally got around to editing it last night. Luckily this one didn’t require much, sorry I say “um” a lot I normally edit those out, but not today! 🙂

If you live in an apartment, or have a small closet this video will give you ideas on how to maximize closet space, tips on organizing and an inexpensive way to hang all your clothes! Let me know if you guys like video’s like these and I will think about making a bedroom room tour, living room, porch, foyer etc! My apartment is forever changing and I love decor!

Like I say in the video I live in a one bedroom apartment with a den, my room does have a mini walk in closet but I hate having all my stuff packed into one spot so hence why I turned my den into a walk in!

DIY EARRING HOLDER TUTORIAL: (picture frame converted earring holder)

Room Organizing
IKEA units
ESPRESSO BOOKSHELF (short -similar)


5 thoughts on “How to Build a Walk In Closet (for less than $200)

  1. aw I have the same size apartment, one bedroom and a den. I share my closet with my boyfriend and that one little closet is exploding even with extra storage elsewhere. I’ve been wanting to convert our den into a closet for the longest time, this post was so inspirational! lol its a must that has to happen now.

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