50 Shades of Purple

A fast an effortless way to spice up your nails! Get glitzy!

Purple Nails

* And of coarse painting your nails is never complete without a little smudge here and there.
Sinful Colors- Enchanted & I Miss You

Ombre Nails

* Luckily the glitter covered it right up!

Nail Art

Sinful Colors has great shades that look great even with one coat! I used two coats for this deep purple look, depending on how you want the glitter distributed on the bottom of your nails 1 or 2 coats will suffice.

Nail Painting Tip: I always paint my nails really sloppy at first then clean up the edges with a cotton swab and some nail polish remover. This provides coverage in all the corners and actually helps to eliminate chipping. Of coarse don’t forget your base and top coat!


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