My Life is a Trick and Treat

Trick: Last post of the week! Heading off to Drill for the weekend lovelies. I get to be a real soldier for Halloween ACU’s are so opposite of pink tulle fabric. 😦 I did try to do all my pre Halloween activities before, I went to a Halloween party and made my Loofah costume last weekend, saw Carrie on $5 dollar movie Tuesdays annnnd went to a pumpkin patch/ petting farm/ hayride with the guy. 🙂 So it’s not like I completely missed out.

20131026-190333.jpg  IMG_8185  IMG_8181

Treat: Today’s Daily Prompt was if bloggers could go from blog to blog collecting “treats” what would your blog handout? I’m sure you can guess. I would hand out jewelry, at first I was thinking clothes but then it’s the same as trick or treating, sometimes we don’t get something that fits our taste in candy. 😉 Jewelry fits most, and you can always re-arrange a certain necklace, ring, bracelets etc to your own personal style.


Most definitely a Trick: Also I noticed a few of you bloggers doing this and I think I’m going to join. No shopping for a whole month! I’m going to see how much money this saves me. I’m not going to even step foot in a store. This will also help me prepare for buying Christmas presents. Then for December and the rest of next year I’m going to plan out a shopping budget, I’m one shoe away from an intervention ladies, I spend WAYY too much on clothes, it’s the quantity really not so much the price of each item. The other day I was literally shaking at a great sale I came across… I have a problem. Wish me luck! I’m allowing myself one slip up, and it’s because I have a coupon at a thrift store I’ve been waiting months to use.

HM Shirts

Treat: I’m really in love with today’s ootd, mostly because I made this shirt in HIGH-SCHOOL. That was like 9 years ago. I found this what use to be a dress in a thrift store, cut it, sewed a hem, and moved the bow from the back to the front. 1. It’s like I knew peplum would be in one day 2. It’s like I knew this dusty pink color would be trending years later.

Okay, talk to you lovelies next Monday!

IMG_8451 IMG_8457

IMG_8461  IMG_8459

Shirt- St. Vincent’s Thrift Store
Skirt- Nick & Mo  (a little pricey, but I couldn’t pass up this skirt)
Shoes- Target
Necklace- Buckle


6 thoughts on “My Life is a Trick and Treat

  1. I like your pink dress.. and you did a lot of stuff on halloween! That’s great! Enjoy your weekend 😉 Oh, I would hand out accesories as well. I find them very dainty yet very important piece for an outfit!

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