Late Bird Catches the Stress

It’s much better to be the early bird who catches the worm. I woke up at 7:45 this morning, which is about the time I try to leave for work to make it on time for 8. For some reason when I set my alarm last night Siri must have turned it off that B word. We don’t get along very often. So I woke up all flustered managed to brush my teeth, take off my night-cap and thew on some clothes no time for styling this morning. Wore black work pants which I usually try to avoid like the plague, and a sweatershirt with a grey scarf. I didn’t take pictures and I don’t plan on taking pictures so I’ll give you my ootd from yesterday that I didn’t post because I was so busy telling you about the amazing H&M sale!

IMG_8424 IMG_8429 IMG_8433

I ended up tucking the shirt in, but I just loved the little tie bow peaking out. Trend alert: Baraoque has been slightly trending, I’m forecasting that we may see more of it into the colder weather. From what I can see this pattern usually has a more royal tone to it, cream and gold black and silver that sort of thing. I snagged this little skirt from Target so many years ago I originally fell in love with the suddle detail of the pattern and I’m glad it’s an actual style now, well a style that has been recognized and one I didn’t have to go out and purchase anything. 🙂

Posting on my lunch break, naughty naughty me. Ugh the frustration though, I’ve been feeling hectic and rushed all day.

Shirt- Target
Cardigan- American Eagle
Skirt- Target
Shoes- Target
Necklace- GroupDealz (will do a review on this amazing website when my last necklace comes in)


I love target.

14 thoughts on “Late Bird Catches the Stress

  1. ok, I have wanted to comment on your blog for a long time now, but could never find where to do that on your posts? It took me finding the “recent comments” section to be able to comment. Anywho, love the polka dots and that necklace!

    1. Oh no! :O Well I’m glad you were persistent! If you click the title of the post it will bring you to another page with just that post scroll all the way to the bottom and under My Spritz on this is… is the comment box. Hehe thanks so much!

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