And Then There Was The H&M Sale

A few things, one I just seriously stalked most of you out of house and home, not really, but I had a really nice time going through a handful of blogs. Blogs that I am subscribed to and blogs that have stopped by my site more than a few times.  I read every single word in a few posts and commented a real comment haha, sometimes we get so hung up on the hustle and bustle, the jumbled mess we call life where we rush some of our most favorite pastimes that really shouldn’t be rushed, they are there to enjoy. I know I’m guilty of this too! Haha so don’t be afraid to fess up, sometimes we skim through all the words look at just the pictures and comment something lovely like cute top! When I do that, I really do think it’s a cute top though, however if something in the body of the post speaks out to me I usually more often than not will add something else to it.

With that said, I truly enjoyed getting to know most of you today! I hope you will do the same to others who you follow and those who follow you! I also fed my shopping addiction ugh, that’s the downside. All of you always post such great deals, steals and fabulous ideas for looking oh so put together. And if there is anything this girl loves the most is a good deal. So this s/o goes to The Fabulous Life Of a Natural Disaster who inspired me to give some of my hard-earned bucks to H&M as if I don’t already shop there enough. I got some basics that will work year round, so it was dollars well spent. I didn’t get the extra 30% off a single item (she kindly posted the code) but at these prices I couldn’t care less. And you can bet your lucky stars you will be seeing these items featured in my ootd posts on twitter and instagram. Head on over to H&M!! 🙂

HM Shirts HM stuff

All of this for 50 bucks! Crazy right? And just when I was thinking I need to stock up on some basics this came along! 🙂


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