NEW Personal Style Blog!

Happy Monday everyone! So remember a few posts back I mentioned that I was working on something? Well it’s done! I would like to introduce to you today my Personal Style Blog and small part-time personal style business Nine and Five. My inspiration for starting Nine and Five stemmed from of coarse a love of all things fashion but it was mostly to show others that looking good isn’t just for the rich and famous. If you take a good look at the people around you, I’m sure you will notice how some people are so caught up in their current life cycle, they may be bored with their current job, or feel that because they don’t have anywhere to go that they think is “special” there is no occasion worth dressing up for. Well I hope to inspire those in my community by offering some fashion advice and to help those who might be stuck in a rut to climb out. Ofcorase my speciality will be for the budgetistas, however I hope to work with a variety of clients. The good thing is I have a niche. The next major city from where I live is Milwaukee then Chicago, and there really isn’t anyone in my city or the next one over who offers these types of services. Ofcoarse there are always the department store stylist however I’m doing this part-time and won’t be pressuring anyone to buy anything out of their price range.


I will still be posting my OOTD on this blog, I could never leave you guys! However I might go from posting 6 days’ a week to maybe 4. I literally post everyday, isn’t that crazy! Oh well, I might still post a lot just because it’s so easy to snap a pic and upload from my phone, also the WordPress app is amazing and most of my posts are written on the go meaning I usually write a post on the way out the door or in the morning before I head off to work my nine to five so sorry for the typos.


Okay okay, with that said here is the link to my new blog Nine and Five !  I’m still trying to get into the swing of things. I’m thinking of having a schedule somewhat like this.

Monday- Corporate Mondays (Office style how to dress up your suits, blazers, dress pants etc)
Wednesdays- Where it came from Wednesday (A more casual attire for the office with a segment of fashion history)
Friday/Weekend- Casual Wear (Casual Lookbook)


Nine and Five is more of a clean layout and I only plan on posting 2-3 times a week.  I finally got a better camera and the bf and I can only do so many shoots a week with our hectic schedules, of course the tripod has become my best friend but alas it still takes some time.

If you have any comments, or feedback I would LOVE LOOOVE to hear them! Again thanks for all the support you gals are an amazing group of people! xo

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