DIY High-waisted Skirt

Okay this isn’t really a diy as much as a quick alteration. I found this skirt at Goodwill, my go to place for thrifting. It was a gem in disguise. It was long, had no shape and looked like a nun skirt to be honest. A few snips here, a few stitches there and voila insta skirt that is perfect for fall AND winter! To make it a highwaisted skirt, I simply took in an extra inch so that when it buttoned it would fit around my waist perfectly, if I want to wear it down on my hip later I can always un do the stitching. With the extra fabric I also had enough to sew an infinity scarf which if you want to be all matchy matchy, could be worn with your new updated skirt.

Thrifting Tip: If you see a fabric that you like don’t forget thrift stores are also great for shopping for cheap fabric that you can use to re-make something. HOWEVER don’t go overboard and get a bunch of items that you know you won’t be altering anytime soon, that is just a recipe for disaster. Although it took me a little less than a month to convert this long skirt into a shorter more trendy skirt I knew it was something I could see myself wearing over and over again and kept the project in plain view so I would be motivated to get it done.




3 thoughts on “DIY High-waisted Skirt

  1. Hello friend!

    I think it is amazing when you are able to DIY. I just wanted to comment and say that I think it would be a really cool addition to your blog if you added other fashion clothing items that are “DIY” or that you have done yourself.



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