Maxi & Me



I normally don’t like these types of shirts because my boobs never fit in the what I like to call the boob pockets. I always end up pulling the shirt up so minimal chest is showing creating that odd cut line eh wardrobe disaster. I’ve had this shirt in my closet for over 2 years and I’ve only worn it once, my mum gave it to me. It survived many closet purges solely for that reason. I have a hard time donating clothes that she gifts me. She’s been trying to get my style for a while now and always seems a little behind haha but bless her heart. I love her so much for trying.

Decided to wear a maxi skirt today as I noticed the weather here was dropping dramatically. Mark this on your calendar, today was Glitzy Spritzer’s first day of wearing a coat. I’ve been known for putting coats off until there is snow on the ground, also during college I never wanted to give up my flip flops. Oh how times have changed, now that I’m older I’ve realized that you can still wear your favorite items and still be fashion sensible. So here is my maxi skirt that I’ve actually been meaning to wear and haven’t for literally 3 months. This is now my second time wearing this cardigan with this purple belt and I don’t care. It’s so comfortable. I love it!

I’ve been wearing a lot of floral lately, isn’t that odd haha, when I wear cheetah I wear it for days now I’m hooked on florals, might be going back to cheetah soon though. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Shirt- gifted
Cardi- thirfted
Skirt- Body Central
Shoes- Target (they are black pointy flats, can’t really see them too well)


Video: How to Style Camo

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