CWC Day 4

Red and Navy

Color Wheel Blog



I went through a serious polka dot phase last year, and this is the last remains of the chaos. I love this dress for many reasons, one because it’s actually navy, two it’s sheer at the bottom (we all know I love sheer) and three, it has polka dots on it! My shoes today remind me of shoes from the 50’s, the heels are wooden! It didn’t occur to me until now to show you guys. Lo siento.

This shirt has literally no shape, it was made for a square, so it needed a large belt. Adding a skinny belt would make this more feminine, but there was just too much fabric left out, and it didn’t accentuate my shape as much as I would have liked. I opted for a larger belt and turned it so the buckle was in the back. The flow of the dress also didn’t help, I don’t see too many thick belts anymore, not sure if that is out of style or what but you know me always breaking the rules. If we really did have fashion police and there was a  law where people had to wear the latest trends all the time, I would be that girl with her glittery pitchfork screaming “Break the trends…all my friends…” Or something else that rhymes with trends, I don’t know, too far? Okay it’s Thursday.

Shirt- Thrifted
Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Charlotte Russe


10 thoughts on “CWC Day 4

  1. You didn’t even take it a little bit too far. Break the trends, my friends is totally right! I’m still wearing thick belts (as in literally right now) so I’m totally behind you on this one! Sheer, polka dots, belting, love all of it.

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