CWC Day 3

Green and Red

Color Wheel Blog

We often stay away from colors that have already been claimed already by the public. For example, Red and green=Christmas, Orange and Green= Halloween Purple and Yellow=Vikings, make sure you really stay away from the latter especially. Do Green and Yellow if you must. 😉 (You Packer fans better get that).  All jokes aside, it’s a shame that we can’t wear green and red without someone asking you if you’re a Christmas tree. Again thanks to my color wheel challenge, I found a way to do this tastefully. I was going to wear a red scarf but that would be over doing it so I settled for a red necklace instead. The brown jacket ties it all together and makes this work. I also threw in some orange accessories which tied in perfectly with the brown and red, which made the red and green a little less Christmas tree like. Christmas in October? Oh no!






However some of you may still be thinking well she’s just a Christmas pumpkin now, and that’s okay, I still love you.

Don’t forget to show some love to these fashionistas too!

The Fashion Huntress

Sand Paper Kisses

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Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Target
Jewels: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Garage Sale


9 thoughts on “CWC Day 3

    1. I love these, they are super comfortable, I guess it depends on the size doll, have you tried placing bandaids on your heels? I’ve been meaning to get some pointy toed flats that give the perception of heels. 🙂

      1. My heels are like small or something so it is hard to find flats that don’t rub them wrong, I usually wear pants so that I can just wear socks with flats =p haha

  1. Haha! Christmas pumpkin?! No way! I love how you styled this! I need to get more creative with my animal print flats. They are much more versatile when I see other people styling them like you did. Thanks for the inspiration! And also, thanks for the shout-out!! xo

    1. Thank you!! Agreed they are so versatile! They go with a lot more than what one would think, I have some cheetah leggings that I practically live in on the weekends… not this weekend though I have to find something colorful for this challenge haha, when I saw these flats it was a must. No problem lovely!

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