CWC Day 2

Purple and Teal

Color Wheel Blog


To be honest if I wasn’t doing this challenge I probably wouldn’t be paring these colors together. Last night I had patterned purple pants that I wore here with a purple shirt and a black lace shirt over it and then added this Cardigan, it looked okay, but I got a sinking feeling in my stomach every time I looked at it. Does anyone else get that whenever you put something together and it just doesn’t look right? Any who I decided to sleep on it and voila came up with a whole new outfit and kept only the sweater. I don’t mind how it turned out, but thanks to the good ol color wheel I’m seeing how well this works!

So far we have two adventurous fashionista’s also joining me in this challenge. Make sure you check them out & see what outfits they are creating via inspiration from the color wheel.

The Fashion Huntress

Sand Paper Kisses

Want to join us? See details here!

Sweater- Convington
Shirt- Khols
Skirt- Khols
Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Scarf- Gift


7 thoughts on “CWC Day 2

  1. I am totally loving this color combo! It definitely fits with the color wheel challenge! Also, the Kohl’s in the city is super far from my house, which is a real bummer because I see other people posting about stuff they find there!! Anyway, you are looking fab, as always! And I can’t wait to see your Old Navy coat!! 🙂

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