The Wish

Glitzy sat at her computer looking at the clock until it turned midnight.
“Well that’s it,” she thought.
She was another year older and not that much wiser. Nothing changed really it was just another day.
“So this is what being mature feels like, instead of being surrounded by friends and strangers dancing the night away and singing karaoke I get to be surrounded by mounds of paperwork and the promise of a stresful day at work. At least I won’t have to worry about calling in sick,” she joked with herself.  It’s been three years since she started her real “big girl job” but this time she was in a different town than her friends and family. The temptation of martini bars and embarrassing singing was too far away to even be considered an option. Glitzy sighed a heavy sigh and grumbled as she had a late night snack of cheez-its and orange juice. She decided to log onto Facebook from her computer (for the first time in months) and scroll through the random birthday wishes from people that she barely spoke to. Except one… One stood out.  “Hmm that’s odd,” she thought. “Why would he write on my wall but not send me a text?”
She decided to like his comment and reached for her phone to double-check.
“Nope, nothing, *le sigh I wish he was here, he always know how to make growing up feel less serious and well less boring…”
All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. He ran up the stairs. Her face lit up as he reached out for a hug. It was her favorite kind of hug, the one where he hugged her from the back and then spun her around for with a smooch on the forehead.
“Close your eyes and make a wish,” he said.
“But my wish already came true!” She chuckled.
“Just do it or you won’t get your present,” he teased.
Glitzy closed her eyes tight, then opened them a little to peak at what was going on. He handed her a purple polka dot bag. Glitzy squealed with excitement before even looking inside. She dug through the pink and purple tissue paper and froze when she realized what was inside…

I took a chance on him he took a chance on Chanel.






Necklace- DIY
Lace Blazer- Younkers
Dress- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Buckle


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