Ravishing Red

Today’s outfit was inspired by The Devil wears Prada. I’ve made a reference to this movie twice now on my blog. It’s obvious it’s one if my faves. I have a meeting today and nothing says power like a ravishing red. Dress for who you want to be not how you feel. I’m so nervous so I sought comfort in fashion like much of us do.




Pant legs down


Pant legs up

I think I like it better with the pant legs scrunched up. I hope my boyfriend and mother get the hint and took me seriously when I said I wanted like 10 more pairs of these pants for my birthday.Β Tomorrow will tell. Seriously. I have no problem having a closet like Doug Funny. <–Dough reference, I know I’m not the only 80’s kid on wordpress. When I like something I tend to over do it though, hehe. My closet tends to have the same shirt (different color or pattern) lined up next to each other.

Blazer- Viviennetam
Shirt- Mossimo- Target
Pants- Burlington
Shoes- Maurices


25 thoughts on “Ravishing Red

  1. Stop. Two things. #1 you look fabulous and I’m sure you killed it in the meeting! #2 I have the same bag and I carry it everyday to work and it’s everything, no?!! Love your red blazer and adorable yet edgy booties!! πŸ™‚

    1. Ahaha this made me smile, thank you dear! I love this bag and it fits so much stuff? Crazy! For the longest time I would only carry a few things in it 1. To preserve it 2. I liked seeing the cute MK fabric on the inside, but now that I realized how durable it is it’s like a botomless pit for my stuff haha. Thank you so much!

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