Meal Plan #4 – Healthy Snack Alternatives





Today I’m going to take you guys grocery shopping! So we’re in the store starving because that’s usually when we go grocery shopping right? Mouth watering at all the good things we could buy. We get our cart, maybe look around for a hand sanitizing towel or something and enter the store. We take out that list that we made in attempt to stay on track and not deviate from the plan and head down the aisle. Now what?
I’m here to give you a little spritz on buying snacks. The past few weeks I’ve been giving your ideas for healthy meal plans that will last all week for the busy bee. Here are some of my favorite go to snacks that help me out in between meals. I usually head down the fruit and veggie section first, if I start filling my cart with healthy items from the get go I’m more likely to continue that trend.

This assortment of snacks you see here has a little bit of everything that you can find in a regular meal.

Carbs- if you are craving chips there are other alternatives out there, I chose Honey Wheat ritz crackers and Parmesan Garlic & Herb pita chips. These have a bit of salt but a considerable less amount that regular chips. There are also special k crips that work well, but those don’t fill me up as well as something a little heavier like my pita chips. Triscuits are for that cream cheese you see there.

Fruit- I have some cut fruit at home, but bananas are a great fast and easy snack, you would be surprised how these can actually keep you full for short periods of time in between meals.

Dairy: Cheese– “When I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese.” Name that movie! Totally kidding here, but string cheese is another great snack that helps those salt cravings, it’s also something fun to eat on those day’s we aren’t really hungry but want something to eat anyway. *guilty  The time it takes you to eat a piece of string cheese or two you might not be so hungry after at 50 calories a pop it’s not bad… don’t count calories though it’s bad for you. This and yogurt with sprinkled oatmeal  is what I like to eat between lunch and dinner. Milk– I’m not a fan of regular milk but an ice-cold glass of soy milk is just sometimes exactly what I’ll need in between breakfast and lunch. If you enjoy graham crackers as much as I do well you’ll understand it’s like cheating on your regular cookies and milk with half the guilt.

Greens- I like to make a veggie bag for work, I through in some carrots, lettuce and broccoli along with my favorite low cal dressing and I munch munch munch! Call it salad in a bag if you will.

Grains- There is pretty much a whole wheat alternative to anything, I really like these whole wheat goldfish, call me five but when I’m in a snacking mood these are perfect in small portions, especially right after I take my nap. 😉 just kidding, I wish though. *le sigh darn you 9-5.

Liquids- Did you know it takes your brain 20 minutes to realize it’s full, sometimes all you might need is a good glass of juice or water. I got two because I use OJ in my breakfast smoothies often, also my protein post workout shakes annnd I really like OJ okay?

Don’t let this fool you, I do have a major sweet tooth, instead of keeping chocolate around for the sake of my bum, my “candy” snack consists of toast with peanut butter and nutella, but those are already happily at home.  You don’t have to be a health nut in fact these are far from the average mixed berries, salad only snacks that some fitness experts may recommend. I’m just here to remind you that all things may be good in moderation. Also it’s a lifestyle, if you aren’t able to quit junk food cold turkey, finding substitutes is a great way to start. Happy snacking… now where is my juice box?




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