Comfy Casual Friday

Today’s outfit was really simple I started with the shoes and beanie then figured out everything else in between! It was a lazy casual Friday at the office. As you can tell by now (if you’re a regular spritzer) I’m obviously obsessed with taupe. #sorrybutnotsorry






Beanie- Express
Sweater- aerie
Jeans- Rock&Republic
Shoes- Target
Jewels- necklace (you’ll never believe I found this little vintage feel necklace at Shopko while shopping for a birthday card) arrow ring- body central


15 thoughts on “Comfy Casual Friday

    1. I saw I really like that color! Too expensive though. I really like this beanie, I got it two years ago, I’ve only worn it twice though, it’s extra long so there is a lot of fabric that gathers at the back, I really like that look. It’s not itchy at all, highly recommend it if you can still find it! I’m sure they will be bringing some more back soon.

  1. I’m such a sucker for neutrals too! Well, neutrals and navy… It’s kind of a problem. Although it certainly does make organizing my closet a real snap!
    Those little booties are too cute though! I’m pretty excited to start breaking mine out too in the next few weeks.

    j. parker

    1. My sat. outfits are mostly leggings, sweaters I normally just do OTTD m-f since that’s when I go to work. 😦 Thanks for the thought though! Keep me posted if you are doing anything else like this during the week? Who know I might start now hehe.

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