The-Dressed-Up Whatshirt?

As you have probably noticed one piece that is trending right now is the glam sweatshirt look. Yes sweatshirt ladies and gents! I especially am a huge fan of this idea. Warmth and comfort, simple yet stylish umm yes please! This style was featured in an article written on Lucky Mags website, Wear it Now, Wear it Later- 10 Fall Must Haves . I chose to pair this look with a skirt because it dressed the sweatshirt up a bit more than just regular pants. Although I do like the idea of wearing work slacks and a sweatshirt to work, I just didn’t have the right sweatshirt that didn’t look frumpy. The first thing that crossed my mine was I wonder what my boss would think, after piecing everything together, the boots, the skirt, the jewelry I was confident that my first attempt at this look would work.

I was actually inspired by The Fashion Huntress who paired her glam sweatshirt with some adorable polka dot skinnes and moccasins. See the look here. Well done! Her sweatshirt was also from Old Navy.  While both hesitant and weary at the idea, we decided to tip our toes into this up-and-coming trend by wearing sweatshirts to work. The great thing about fashion friends is encouraging one another to try new styles. I found mine, she’s always mixing and matching these great vibrant patterns and colors that I am never brave enough to do… simply because I don’t know how, but I’m slowly getting there. I’m so glad I found her blog! Which leads me to this question, who’s your favorite fashionista on WordPress or blogger? I would love to check them out, please leave links below!






Sweatshirt- Old Navy
Skirt- Max Azria
Shoes- Payless
Ring- Express
Earings- Charllote Russe
Belt- New York & Company


19 thoughts on “The-Dressed-Up Whatshirt?

      1. I’m going to start my ‘Autumn series’ next week, so I’ll definitely be doing something like that…have you checked out my review of hush? I’ll definitely be talking about styling their stuff!

      2. Can’t wait to see what else you post! Just checked it out! I realllly like it, I’ll have to be carefuly how much I order because of shipping :/ Thanks for sharing! My first impression of that website was ooo it’s all so soft and comfy looking, next was I could totally wear all of this to work. And those plaid pijamas!! Mmm

      3. Gosh, I’m wearing them right now and they are to die for! They make bed time the most amazing experience!! Well…make sure you get everything in one go so you save in the long run!! They have offers from time to time so I’ll keep you informed of any!

  1. we totally agree, we should count our blessings for something this comfortable to be so fashionable!!
    lovely outfit, the belt is a great idea for making it more form fitting!

  2. You are looking completely fab here! I’m so glad we decided to try this trend out!! And I love that we can inspire each other- you totally inspired me here with your look; I love the addition of the belt! xo

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