It’s Sheer Madness

Happy Monday lovelies! If you watched my Fall Fashion Trends video I did promise that you would see more OOTD posts on how to wear sheer as the weather starts to cool down. Well here it is! Sheer madness you say, no just crazy about sheer!


No Jacket


I love the cut on this shirt, the extra fabric in the back is great for tucking in, it also looks cute left out under a blazer like I did today.


With Jacket


Shirt- Body Central
Blazer- Body Central
Jeans- Younkers
Shoes- Target
Necklace- Burlington
Watch- Khols

What Summer trend do you wish you could continue to wear?


10 thoughts on “It’s Sheer Madness

    1. Isn’t it! I have a smaller one as well, exactly the same haha I loved how over-sized this one is though, but then I thought well what if I don’t want one this big all the time.Thanks doll!

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