12 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Trends

  1. There is still Wet Seal??? OMG I last shopped there in 1996… in Tucson, Arizona… I like camo… I would so wear a jacket like this…
    Getting rid of the shoulder pads sounds clever…
    Can I have your shorts???
    Can I at least borrow them? 😛

  2. Girl you went CRAZY. We would be toxic shopping partners together for sure! I am seriously a sucker for good deals- I can never seem to pass them up. You lucked out with that camo jacket from Wet Seal because I never can find any good pieces there that don’t look cheap, but it actually looks like pretty good quality! GREAT POST!


    1. Hahah, I know I’m pretty sure I black out when I shop it’s official. I agree it’s like I can smell a good sale, that and your amazinig eye for fashion, bam unstoppable lol. I’m not a big fan of Wet Seal it was out of sheer desperation in boot shopping that I even thought about checking them out, but I’m glad I did! Thanks doll!

  3. Hey friendly!

    Glad to see your blog is doing well.
    May sound like a crazed idea, but men need deals too!
    I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but the men’s section is littered with expensive, over-priced clothing. We could all use a good deal.

    Keep up the great work!

    Forever is as far as tomorrow will take you


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