DIY Floor Seats/ Couch Makeover!

When I moved out of my apartment I knew it was time for a major upgrade so I planned on selling my old couch and buying a new one. However things don’t always turn out like planned SO in the chaos of living in two places at once and moving back and forth between apartments that were 30 minutes away I didn’t advertise my couch very well, I did have a few and by a few I mean two interested buyers, one lady seemed really excited about it, I was going to sell it to her for $50 dollars, I just wanted to get rid of it and it was still a really nice couch, there was only one major rip on one of the seats and I just flipped it over. Long story short, that ended up falling through and on the last day of me being at my old apartment cleaning and such I ended up having to throw it away because I didn’t have time to go and rent a U-Haul or anything like that to re-locate it. I really should have donated it but the people couldn’t come during the time that I needed them to so everything was very last minute.

While watching my lovely couch sit by the dumpster I decided I could at least take the couch cushions and make something out of them. Since I was couch less, I essentially only had a chair I thought it would be nice for floor seating in the mean-time. I’m a big fan of drinking wine Indian style. However I was really looking forward to an upgrade nonetheless so I bought some fabric from Jo-Ann’s fabric and decided to make some really large cushion covers.


Couch cushions

Fabric- $30 (found some really cute pieces on sale!)
I got 3 yards for the solid taupe color on the very top and 2 yards for everything else you see here.

Sewing Machine


This is the flap design for the front and back. (This solid taupe color fabric will cover the cushion itself, the closed flap design is for easy removal for washing, or changing patterns.)


Design #1 on Cushion #1

  IMG_6869  IMG_6870

Design #2 on Cushion #2

This fabric is just gorgeous, I want to make a scarf out of any remaining material I have.


IMG_6871 IMG_6873 IMG_6874 

They are not finished yet, I think I want to go back and get some more fabric to add little rosette buds for cushion #1 and I want to create a cinched boarder for cushion #2. Feel free to send me your creations if you decide to follow a similar idea!

I don’t have any but this is a fun idea for a kids play room, classroom, movie room or basement. It’s a cheaper and faster alternative to re-upholstering all your couch cushions, also you can always give your cushion seats and keep them on your couches much better than a couch cover!


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