DIY Body Pillow Cover

I’m not huge into sewing but with a little help from my mother we come up with some pretty quick solutions. I’ve had this bright pink body pillow since college and after getting rid of most of my college décor and upgrading for a less colorful theme I decided I should keep what I could re-use. I have this wild obsession with taupe, cream and brown.

When I do my bedroom tour you’ll see. In order to match my bedroom set I chose a light taupe fabric, about 3 yards will do. Then I folded the fabric over itself, cut the excess fabric from the sides, and sewed the sides down (there are three) to give it a nice finish. Then flip your fabric inside out and voila! If you have it all planned out it will take you 20 minutes at most.





You can get a Body Pillow cover for anywhere from $10-15. Bed Bath and Beyond has a wide variety of colors for about $10.00, in my case I had bought this fabric on sale and it was just sitting around. The upside to making your own is that you can choose any fabric, texture, print etc. that your little heart desires.

If you haven’t already make sure to check out my bathroom room tour which is just about the same color scheme as my bedroom. I like to throw little splashes of color into the mix such as wisteria purple or coral/mint.


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