Jungle Woman

You Tarzan, Me Jane. Most days I feel like Tarzan, I’m not big into make-up, I mean I like it but I don’t t wear it everyday. Mascara and some lip gloss is my work go-to. Going out now that’s a whole different story. I don’t enjoy doing my hair it’s tedious. Don’t get me wrong I do get ready in the morning I’m not a wild woman but to be honest I wish I could wear my bun bandana hair look and leggings everyday. I’m the girl who gets ready in 20 mins while the rest of my friends are verging on an hour, hour and a half to get ready.

I feel like Jane in today’s skirt. I tucked in a sheer green and brown shirt which is actually quite flowy, luckily this skirt hides the poof rather well.






Skirt- thrifted
Shirt- Maurice’s
Shoes- Mossimo by target
Jewels- Body Central


11 thoughts on “Jungle Woman

  1. I’m a huge fan of that skirt! That style is my ideal because it’s flowy, comfortable and totally flattering! And yes, I’m also a ‘get ready in 15 minutes’ kind-of person. I actually try to keep my makeup routine under 5 minutes!! 🙂

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