Fall in Love with Me…

It is unusual that I can narrow down my favorites into one single list, I am a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good, regardless of price, designer etc. Much like my favorite quote from Alexander McQueen I really do believe that fashion is all about the individual. As individuals it is our destiny to fall in love with all types of different assortments of clothing. End rant.

Here is my list of fall must haves. If any loveley #fashionbloggers blog about any of the pieces seen below please let me know!

1. Cheetah Slouchy Pants
2. Emerald Green flats


3. The ULTIMATE Fall boots, I have boots, and I have fall shoes, I am in search of the perfect chestnut and dark brown boots for fall. Yup still searching for that darn lion head medallion necklace/ and crown ring (finally got my arrow ring this weekend)


4.  Chambray Shirt


5. Black or tan high collar coat


6. Poncho Jacket


6. Military Inspired Jacket/ Various warm colored jackets


8. Mint Green Seafoam Crystal Jewelry/ Pink Crystal Jewelry
9. Statement Necklace


10. Comfy Sweaters!!! (Glamour sweaters, oversized sweaters, long sweaters, cropped sweaters, vintage sweaters you get my point… ) Red Tag Courture has a great post on how to sophisticate your sweatshirt. I personally am a huge fan of the large earings, leggings sweatshirt scarf and boots look. Read Here!


All of these pictures were taken from my Pintrest, under the board Viva La Fashion. I have decided to bring them to you here for your viewing purposes only. Anything you see here that you have fallen in love with? We can share a spritzer over our fashion heartache.


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